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Why Choose Us – In-House Design

Design at your fingertips

If you’ve built a house before, you might have had the feeling that the initial planning process can be a little daunting. Choosing a home design needs to take into account so many factors – the size and shape of your land; the orientation of the block; making sure the house will work functionally for you but also not be polarising for resale; plus many more – even for repeat clients, this process can be overwhelming.

That’s why we have in-house building designers. Our experienced staff have been guiding home owners through this process for over a decade.  There are two main options for the plan design process.

We at Hampton Home Builders offer a range of home designs that can be adapted to suit you, or left as-is. With varying sizes and layouts, we’re sure something will catch your eye! These designs can be customised at no additional cost – whether it be internal changes (moving a wall to make a kitchen bigger; removing an entire bedroom so there is more living space; or swapping a shower and bath) or something else (what you want your external surfaces to be; moving or changing windows; or flipping the design to suit your land) – we love nothing more than making sure your new home works for YOU. Have a look at our designs here.

Alternatively, if you have something in mind, you can bring in your sketched-on-a-napkin plans and we can use our drawing program to have your future home drawn and scaled while you wait! This allows you to see the size and layout of your new home, and once you are happy, our design team will have the home costed. The quoting/costing process can take a few days, depending on your design and inclusions.

We will go through the standard inclusions with you, and we are more than happy to cost in anything additional that you are after –we’ll include everything you need, you just tell us anything extra you want! This is YOUR home after all, and we want you to love living in it as much as we’re going to love designing and building it for you.

Be sure to check back to read our next Hampton Home Builders blog – a bit more about us, and why our experienced staff will make your build process easier!