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Why Choose Us – Experienced Staff

We use our knowledge to your benefit

Building a house opens up a whole new world of opportunity and choices, and you might need to make decisions for aspects of building you weren’t even aware existed. That’s why we’re here – to guide and help you through the entire process.

All of our experienced Hampton Home Builders office and trade staff have all been working in the construction industry from anywhere between five to 40 years. We live and breathe building new homes, and know the process back-to-front. We’ll help you to understand the reasoning behind the decisions we’re asking you to make. From the initial planning stage through to completion, you can be confident our entire team are experienced professionals.

We want you to enjoy your entire experience, so feel free to ask us as many questions as you need to! We can help explain why windows should be positioned in certain locations; the type of insulation we use under our roofing; or why we use a particular product in place of something else. We’ve worked with many companies over the years, and investigated countless products or ranges to ensure we include the best quality products at great prices.

We are always open to new ideas – just because we have been using a certain product for years doesn’t mean don’t research new options. Our experience and knowledge allows us to qualify products and trades to ensure they will suit the quality and style of outcome we strive for.

Our trade-qualified carpenters are always happy to meet you on site and go through the build with you.  We are also happy to arrange for you to meet on-site with other trades such as electricians, plumbers, tilers and painters so you can speak to them about your build through Hampton Home Builders, and be confident in the people helping to build your home.

On our next blog, we’ll discuss why our standard, included finishes are a cut above what you would generally receive.