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Style Tip

When trying to create an open, brighter, spacious feel in a room that doesn’t have the best natural light there are a few ways you can be creative with paint, lighting and furnishings to ensure you make the most of your space. If any of you have ever lived in a Queenslander home that has a living room right in the middle of the house, they can always seem dark and dull. A lot of these types of homes were designed with verandas at the front or wrapping round and over the years with modifications, verandas got built in or extensions got added and the living rooms are left dark and lifeless. Here are a couple of cheap tricks we have found to give u light and dimension in the room without having to go down the expensive path of skylights etc.

If you do have the budget skylights are a great way to capture light in a room, and the modern design of some of the skylights these days it can be a stunning feature. If that’s just not in the budget an instant pick me up is to paint the room a brighter white to immediately give the space a brighter feel and can then be used to reflect light with your styling accents in the room.

Another feature which will give your room a totally new look is to add large mirrors.  Mirrors in these types of rooms will not only open the space and make the room feel larger but if placed correctly will help reflect and bounce light, give the room dimension and will help to make the room a lot lighter all round. I have seen some Queenslanders that have had 3 or 4 doorways in these rooms, they can seem annoying with furniture placement but use it to your advantage to try and pick up a bit of extra light with mirrors.

Light furnishings along with mirrored or glass furniture will also open the space and help reflect light. You can always soften the look by adding fabric couches and list of cushions and throws.

Lastly but definitely in no way least, layering your lighting in the room is a great way to pick up dull spots and enhance reflections in the room. Using layered lighting that can be individually controlled for different times of the day will give this room an entirely different feel. Accent lighting is used to enhance features in the room. Task lighting is about directional and adjustable light sources like reading lights and lamps. Try to illuminate most of your room with an assortment of lights and lamps. General room lighting in the room needs to be adequate, but if electricians are out of the budget then the above lighting features will go a long way to making your space seem a whole lot lighter and brighter instantly.

If you need help with styling or colour selections call us today to get a list of some great Interior designers and stylists in your area.

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