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Little White Bungalow – The Beginning

So you may have been following our instagram regarding our little renovation project of The Little White Bungalow and i thought it was time to start to tell you about the process of where it all began and how we got started.  I have had numerous emails from you all asking about where i sourced different things from for the project so i thought i would start a series of blogs as a go to for all you renovators out there.

So where it all began…….

We started this project as a flipper with the initial intention of just giving it a mini face lift and just moving it on.  As we started opening it up as such we started to discover all the hidden treasures which often happens with renovation projects.

Here is a few pictures of the project as i found it, there was a lovely man living in the property who was very private, kept to himself, loved music & wildlife & really enjoyed the tranquility of the property.  When i first saw the external property i immediately fell in love with the park like land, the native trees as well as the beautiful palms at the rear and the abundance of fruit trees as well.

May i present The original bungalow


Really the main bones was a glorified shed, the main frames and trusses were steel & there was no insulation at all.  The external had to be re-cladded, the roof pitch needed to be made steeper & a massive deck needed to be added on.

So the planning begun.

The number one things that had to stay was the external brick, the palm trees out the back & we just needed to add a little hamptons flair to really bring it together.  The external cladding was going to be changed to James Hardie Linea cladding.  The bricks had to be painted, the roof had be to lifted & changed to Colourbond surfmist trim deck.  We changed a few of the windows to incorporate some hamptons style which were from Colonial Warehouse in Brisbane.


External Bricks


External weatherboard before

So stay tuned for the colour selection next and the official products chosen to finish this gorgeous bungalow!