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How and where to start choosing colours for your new home

Building your own home is exciting. But it can be a little daunting when it comes to choosing colours. Here at Stirling, we have our own Interior Design Colour Consultant to help you through the whole process, but we thought we would also share with you a few tips to consider to help make the process a little easier.

  1. Neutrals are always best. Why? Neutral colours are less offensive and help for re-sale as it appeals to a wider range of buyers.
  2. Lighter the better. Why? Dark colours as we know attract more heat than lighter colours. By choosing lighter colours you’ll have a much cooler home as well as less chances of extra requirements needed for your home to meet today’s energy efficiency ratings.
  3. Chose a colour scheme. Find 3-4 colours that compliment each other and always relate back to this colour scheme when allocating the colours. You may also want to create a flat lay or mood board to help provide a visual for your future home.

Once you have your colour scheme decided, it’s then time to start allocating and choosing your finishes! Begin with the roof and work your way down the house, then make your way inside. Start with the general areas of your home and make your way into the bathrooms and bedrooms.

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Now i know the big ticket items are always difficult to decide on like kitchens and bathrooms but try not to put too much thought into it. I think you need to stay true to your style and then just work out what goes with it. The best way to work on your pallet it to start a mood board. Once you have decided on external colours then that makes the process for designing your internal colour scheme so much easier. Let me show you some examples;

When i was designing interiors for the Little White Bungalow, i knew i wanted the exterior white but i really wanted to make the inside light but not white white. Texture was something that i really wanted to incorporate since the outside incorporated brick, cladding and strapping. Below is a picture of the very first mood board i did.

Now we all start somewhere and as you start selecting colours and items the mood board should evolve with it. I knew with the kitchen that i wanted a textured stone with greys and browns so i chose the Stone Ambassador – Ottoman Grey stone. The cupboards had to be shaker doors & i went with a white lexicon capri style door with a brushed nickel knob.

My next huge mission was to find a tile that was going to incorporate an organic textured feel. This was one of the major features of the home so it was imperative to get this right in order for the whole home to work.

The tile company i went to was Tiles of Ezra. Georgia Ezra as an interior designer whose signature style includes exotic cultural references, it was imperative to find an authentic, high-quality product. Her search for unique, ethnic tiling, turned into a creative project and the foundation for Tiles of Ezra was born. The minute i clicked on their site i knew this was where my tiles were coming from, do yourself a favour and check it our

So wanna see my first selection…

So this is it, it was in the Earth Range in the Dunya Collection and as soon as i saw the picture i instantly fell in love! This would then become the choice for my bathroom & now i needed to find a tile for our earthy mudroom. Get ready….

This limestone could not have been more perfect!

So as you can see this really then became the centre of my project i then started to develop a new look on my mood board after this very selection and the entire process became so much easier from there. I think once you fall in love with a tile everything else just falls into place. If your now wowed just by looking at it you never will be. Lets face it there is no better reaction than opening the front door to your new home and seeing this spectacular tile that just makes you feel fizzy in the tummy and really want to cry. Im lucky enough to get this experience with so many of my clients and i am so thankful i get to experience it so many times with you all.

Below are how my mood boards progressed as i started to get decisive its amazing how involved you can get once you find that perfect item.

If you having a Libra moment and cannot decide, shoot me a message id love to help you on your journey as well!

Happy choosing xx