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Building Process

1. Finding the right location

We can help you find the perfect location to build your home, or help you design a home for your block of land. Our experienced builders are here to help you check the suitability of land, size & dimensions to work in with aspect & of course to work with your families needs & budget.

2. Building Quotes

We have a large collection of plans that you can get gather ideas from or build as they are. If you have your own ideas in mind, come in and see the design team, who are only too happy to promptly draw up some designs & work on concepts for your needs and pricing. Once approved, the process of drafting and design can take place. Specifications are clearly outlined and contracts drafted.

3. Contract & Deposit

Upon contract acceptance, a 5% deposit is to be paid enabling all preliminary requirements to take place in order to obtain council approval.

4. Submission of Council Plans

Our team will organise your council application and submission to ensure a fast approval time.

5. Colour Selection

Hampton Home Builders has a fully qualified colour consultant, who is with you throughout the entire process. Our colour consultant will meet up with you, then help you to choose all the colours and fittings for your new home. Most of our products are purchased locally to enable you to choose your colour scheme at your convenience (no setting off down the coast to choose colour schemes). If you are building in a remote location or are not able to view our selections, all products are compatible and are able to be chosen at any major hardware stores. If convenient we are also able to send you colour charts.

6. Start of Construction

Upon Council approval, construction will be scheduled to commence on or before the agreed start date.

7. Construction Period

Regular updates will be provided to the client and our builders may be contacted directly at any time during construction.

8. Taking Possession

Upon final completion, you will be invited to inspect your new home with the builder. Once both parties are happy and final payment has been made, you will be presented with your personal keys.